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Positive & Prepared Childbirth Classes: expecting the best, prepared for the rest

The Positive & Prepared Childbirth class series is presented in a group format in the Clarksville area and privately throughout Greater Nashville. This 6-week series will cover the essentials of childbirth preparation and so much more. Taught with the insights I’ve gained during my 15+ years working as a birth doula and educator, you can be sure that the content is fresh and relevant. Small class sizes allow me to customize the content I share to best meet the needs of the students in each session. Expect a fun and interactive learning experience!

Series Overview

Prenatal Wellness: Trimester by trimester highlights, Stress Management, Nutrition, Fitness

Natural Childbirth: Your Birth Philosophy, Physiology of Calm and Confidence, Understanding Interventions, Communicating Thoughtfully, Dispelling Fears

The Birth Process: Contractions, Stages of Labor, Descent and Cardinal Movements, Behavior and Feelings of Labor, Labor Variations and Complications

Finding Comfort: Understanding Your Body, Massage, Water for Labor and Birth, Relaxation Tools, Medical Options, Creating Your Own Comfort Measures

Following the Birth: Postpartum Recovery, Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression, Newborn Abilities and Appearance, Breastfeeding Basics and Challenges, Newborn Care

And so much more!

Featuring Plumtree Baby Course MaterialsClass fee is $275 per couple (expecting mother & her partner), covers 5 sessions of 2.5-3 hours each, includes set of full-color student workbooks as well as access to Clients Only online resource library. Military discount available. 

Bonus: students are granted FREE enrollment in Evidence Based Birth® online course for parents (a $149 value)

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Classes are held at

Holistic Health Center, 894 Hwy 76, Suite 104, Clarksville, TN

Savvy Birth™ Workshop for Parents:
Everything you need to know as soon as you POAS!*


Are you excited to be pregnant, but completely overwhelmed by the number of decisions that need to be made about giving birth? Are you anxious about the unknowns of labor and confused by the horror stories you hear from family and friends? You are not alone!


Women tell us all the time that they’d rather plan a nursery than face decision-making about their birth! At the Savvy Birth Workshop, we provide you and your partner with actual facts to use when discussing critical pregnancy and birth decisions, so that you can look forward to one of the most important days of your life—the day you meet your baby—with a sense of empowerment and excitement!


What will we cover in the Savvy Birth™ Workshop?


Women have told us over and over again that they have so many fears about the unknowns of childbirth — What if I have a Cesarean? What if I feel pressured into something I don’t want? What if I make the wrong decision? What if I have a bad first experience, or a repeat of a previous traumatizing experience? It’s so easy to shut down and feel paralyzed by these fears—and avoid preparing for childbirth.


But what if you and your partner could plan for your birth while feeling excited, informed, empowered, and confident in your ability to be a key member of your own health care team? In your Savvy Birth Workshop, we will explore these questions: ● What does research support as the safest way to give birth? ● What is the inside scoop on what goes on in the hospitals in our area? ● How does midwifery care differ from OB care? ● What questions can you ask your provider (OB or midwife) to make sure they’re on board with your birth plan? ● What is it like to give birth with a truly supportive team made up your partner, doula, and nurse? ● If your doctor or your hospital tells you you’re “not allowed” to do something during labor, who has the legal authority: you or the hospital?

*Pee On A Stick 😉



Note: Birth professionals are encouraged to attend the workshop and there are GREAT benefits for you too. Every birth pro or care provider who attends OR who refers a client to attend will receive a free 30-day trial of the Evidence Based Birth professional membership, where they will have 30 days to earn all the CEUs currently offered on the site (right now we have 10 contact hours)! Limit one free month per professional. Clients must mention you referred them.

About your Instructor:
Heidi Duncan EBBI is a birth doula and childbirth educator who is qualified to give the true “insider’s” scoop on birth in Tennessee, as she’s been supporting families during birth since 2001 and in the Nashville and Clarksville area for more than 5 years. In 2015, she completed an intense training program with Evidence Based Birth® so that she could teach official Savvy Birth™ Workshops in our community. Heidi is passionate about evidence based care and about helping families become empowered to take ownership of their birth experience. She believes in providing non-biased information to help you be more prepared to get whatever type of birth you decide you want!


Don’t wait to register – this class is open to only 8 couples per workshop!

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Holistic Health Center, 894 Hwy 76, Suite 104, Clarksville, TN


Positive & Prepared Childbirth classes are a 5-week curriculum that focuses on the labor, birth and newborn time. Classes are available in a variety of settings.

Do you have friends who are also expecting? Arrange for a private in-home group session, open only to the couples you invite. 

Group Classes are $275 per couple for the series and materials. Group sessions are often held at a chiropractor’s office or similar business location. Class dates and locations will be determined based on demand.

Private in-home classes are $125 for a 2-3 hour session. Private classes are always available. Private sessions are held in the client’s home with one-on-one — or rather one-on-two — instruction, focusing the content on their specific situation. We work together to fit the sessions to your schedule and focus on the content specifically according to your needs.

Contact me about creating a Custom class series that meets your unique needs. Whether it is for one couple or a group, we can make something work — VBAC focused, crash courses, weekend sessions, refreshers and random schedules can all be accommodated. All you have to do is ask.


What are students saying about recent courses taught by Heidi Duncan?

“The curriculum went beyond teaching me what to physically do to prepare for labor and birth. It nourished my soul and encouraged me to trust in God’s perfect plan. I was able to labor naturally, without fear, because of the confidence and faith that I gained through the class.”

“The class gave me education and confidence and strengthened my passion for having a natural birth. It also allowed me to make educated decisions during my labor when complications arose. Having Christ at the center of my labor and delivery helped me focus on the end goal and know my body WOULD work how it was supposed to even when others were telling me it wouldn’t. It was the best money we spent in preparation for our baby.”

“I love the God-focused mindset that the class promotes. Pregnancy and labor are designed by God, not doctors. This was my third pregnancy and I was determined to have a natural labor. This class really instilled the faith I needed to let my baby come on his own.”

“Is it weird that I want to be pregnant just so I can take the class again?”

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