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Personalized Packages

Perhaps you didn’t see a package that includes all of the features your desire.  I invite you to create a custom package personalized to meet your needs.  Select any options from the menu below, noting that some exclusions and terms may apply.

Expert Birth Planning Consultation* – $150

Doula for birth-only* – $600

Virtual doula (support by phone only)* – $300

Add-ons for Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Birth-Only options:

  • Assistant Doula – $400
  • Prenatal home visit – $150
  • Prenatal Skype session – $75
  • Postpartum home visit – $125
  • Postpartum Skype session – $50

Prenatal Henna pampering session – $125

Facilitation of Mother Blessing ceremony – $250

Prepared Childbirth home study kit – $125

Prepared Childbirth Preparation class (private, per couple) – $400

Prepared Childbirth Preparation class (group, per couple) – $240

Essential oils for labor kit – $50

Kaya birth stool rental (1 month) – $50

Oasis birth tub rental (1 month) – $75

Accompany you on hospital tour – $50

Birth Story Listening Session (to heal previous birth trauma) – $150

VBAC Prep Session (3 hours) – $125

Cesarean Prep Session (2 hours) – $100

Comfort Measures Class (3 hours) – $125


Request your custom package





Not sure you want a doula at your birth?  Still interested in approaching your birth with evidence-based information and a great birth preference list/ birth plan?  This consultation allows you to “pick my brain” and get my experienced insight into local birth options best suited to your personal preferences, needs, and circumstances.  Many women completely change the course of their prenatal care as a result of these sessions, recognizing that their chosen birth place and care provider are not the best for their needs, thus putting them on track to have the birth they desire.

Topics that often come up include:
• Where should I give birth?
• Which midwife or doctor should I choose?
• What’s the difference between birthing in a birth center or the hospital?
• I’m looking for complementary care providers (acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors, therapists) etc. who work specifically with pregnancy. Who do you recommend and why are these types of care beneficial?
• I’ve been with my doctor for a long time but thinking about switching for the birth. Should I?
• I need help with my birth preferences sheet (sometimes known as a Birth Plan)
• What is a Doula and how can she help me?
• Should I take a Childbirth Class? What will I learn? Which type is right for me?
• What steps should I take to ensure that I have the most support during the postpartum period?
• How do I choose a pediatrician?


This option is available only to repeat clients or those who have previously had a vaginal delivery and have taken a comprehensive out-of-hospital childbirth class.  You are experienced with birth and the newborn time but want a doula by your side for this labor and birth.

Qualifies for Doula Care Essentials for Every Birth.


This is ideal for families who are confident in their hands-on skills for labor and would like to have a doula available to speak with them for expert advice throughout the process.  One key benefit of this option is its accessibility regardless of where a client may live in the United States.

Photo credit: Sarah Shambaugh Photography; used with permission.

Photo credit: Sarah Shambaugh Photography; used with permission.